Herman Max Leibowitz Has Extensive Experience Drafting Trusts and Wills That Contain Trust Provisions.

A properly drafted trust, or a will that contains trust provisions, can provide peace of mind for the settlor (creator) of the trust. He or she will know that the beneficiaries of the trust will be protected and provided for, often long after the settlor’s demise. A trust may be drafted to protect and provide for minor children, grandchildren, disabled family members or friends, or to provide for the settlor’s charitable intentions. Some of the most meaningful trusts that I have drafted are known as “supplemental needs trusts.” These trusts are specially designed to protect and provide for disabled individuals, without disqualifying them from their governmental benefits. A trust must be carefully crafted because very often its terms will remain in effect for many years, or even for several generations. Special consideration must be given to circumstances that may arise over the years, such as the death of a beneficiary or of a trustee, or the emergency needs of a beneficiary. For more than 35 years, Herman Max Leibowitz has carefully drafted many different kinds of trusts, to provide for the many different estate planning needs of his clients. Some of the trusts that I have drafted include:

  • Credit shelter trusts
  • Education trusts (for children or grandchildren)
  • Revocable trusts (also known as Living trusts)
  • Generation-skipping trusts
  • QTIP trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts
  • Supplemental needs trusts (for disabled individuals)

Professional Advice for Trustees
A Trustee may be held personally liable for mistakes or omissions that result in losses for the trust. I offer sound advice to Trustees to ensure accurate and complete compliance with all aspects of trust administration. If you have been named as a Trustee, and have concerns about the provisions, implementation or administration of the trust, I would be happy to assist you in the proper execution of your responsibilities.

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